About Me

An authourised Bach Flower Practitioner and Trainer, from Bach Centre, UK, Suchitra Hari offers consultations and provides solutions to toughest blocks of life through Bach Flower remedies. She is a Level-1 and Level-2 Trainer, who also focuses on training bright minds. 

“Nature has a solution for everything. We must always remember that.” is what Suchitra truly believes. Her personal experience of using Bach flower remedies to reach a better space in life is the key driver towards her passion. She takes her oath of helping others seriously by going beyond and deeper to provide her best in terms of assistance and healing.

Suchitra also believes in spreading the knowledge about Bach flower remedies. Thus, she eagerly conducts training for those who want to know more, are curious or want to learn this as a complementary therapy. Her training is extremely helpful to those who are looking for ways to self-heal.

Suchitra leaves no stone unturned for her clients and is unorthodox and open to all that is possible. She is flexible with her methods but retains the authenticity of the process that she has learnt.

Suchitra is self-reliant and super adaptable and always encourages that everyone must live their life to the fullest. Apart from individual clients, her other clients consist of healers, homoeopaths, life coaches and even doctors. She is dedicated to reaching out to parents, teens and women who can start working on themselves and their families and in turn, help the society as a whole. She believes “What is done with love, is done well.”

Suchitra Hari, Authourised Bach Flower Practitioner and Trainer

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