With a large heart and a staunch belief of being able to make an impact in others life, Suchitra offers the opportunity of finding solutions through Bach flower remedies in many ways. Her services include –

BACH-CONSULTATIONS by suchitra hari


Suchitra offers Bach consultations in an individual or family capacity where the focus is more on the one on one interaction. Her expertise in the area of Bach flower remedies enables her to uncover the client’s underlying emotions and blocks whereby the real issue at hand can be dealt with.

Clients who have undergone Bach consultations have been impressed by Suchitra’s ability to strike the right chord through conversations and identify where the work needs to be done. Her clients fully trust her and the process and often find themselves geared up for unbelievable changes in life.


Suchitra often conducts group training workshops for those who have a common goal in mind. The versatility of consultation offered or the training provided within the groups encourages the group to not only learn but to dig deeper into what exactly is the purpose of their concern. The group training workshops are completely customised, carefully designed and complemented with the amazing experience of life offered. Because they are a group, they also share their own dynamics even when focussed on a common solution. This is interesting, effective and exclusive in its own way.

Group workshop clients often take along with them the knowledge and are empowered with the changes that are or will be coming along in life. The participants of such workshops often define the experience to be: “We have all our questions answered and Suchitra leaves no stone unturned”.

bach flower group-training by suchitra hari
bach flower corporate-training by suchitra hari


Suchitra conducts corporate training workshops after an in-depth discussion with the corporate executive. The discussion facilitates the creation of the program elements around using Bach flower remedies to be of maximum benefit to the participants.

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