Men are said to be the pillars of the family supporting the entire clan through versatile effort just like women. They are expected to portray strength in all scenarios. Seldom, men themselves realise that they may need assistance to overcome the overwhelming feelings. Suchitra Hari has successfully been the support system for many such men through Bach flower remedies.

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How has Bach flower remedies helped Men?

  • Working with Emotional outbursts
  • Managing stress reactions
  • Coping with family-oriented issues
  • Broaden the possibilities and mapping solutions
  • Be successful in leading a happy life
  • Manage Infertility issues
  • Tackling personal emotional issues like sensitivity
  • Managing Critical illness
  • Be more resilient and adaptable
  • Reaching true potential
If you are a man, who is looking for natural ways to work with emotional wellbeing for self and family, CONSULT SUCHITRA HARI, and see how wonderfully your life will recalibrate.