Botanical name: Lonicera caprifolium

Blooms: in June, July and August   

Physical appearance: Red or deep pink, and  on pollination flower turns yellow

Preparation method: Boiling Method

Belongs to ‘­­­­­insufficient interest in present circumstances’ Group

Extract from The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies, by Dr. Edward Bach

Those who live much in the past, perhaps a time of great happiness, or memories of a lost friend, or ambitions which have not come true. They do not expect further happiness such as they have had.

Indication: Living in the past 

Honeysuckle is the remedy for people who do not pay sufficient attention to what is happening now with their minds and hearts fixed on the past. Say an individual has lost a parent or a close family relative and the grief causes constant reflection, sometimes trying so hard to remember every detail,  that the interest in the present slips away. Honeysuckle can be of help at that time.Honeysuckle can let the person let go of the past and move to the future with ease. 

Empowering Affirmations

I cherish the past and live in the present.

My today is more important.  

Bach Remedies for Animals

Animals who miss the long gone or lose appetite when someone has parted ways, Honeysuckle can be used at that point in time. Animals who are unable to give full attention to the present can benefit from honeysuckle.