Botanical name: Impatiens glandulifera

Blooms: in July, August and September

Physical appearance: Pale mauve or Crimson mauve

Preparation method: Sun Method

Belongs to ‘­­­­­loneliness’ Group

Extract from The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies, by Dr. Edward Bach

Those who are quick in thought and action and who wish all things to be done without hesitation or delay. When ill they are anxious for a hasty recovery. They find it very difficult to be patient with people who are slow, as they consider it wrong and a waste of time, and they will endeavour to make such people quicker in all ways. They often prefer to work and think alone, so that they can do everything at their own speed.

Indication: For those who suffer impatience and irritability.

Impotence people prefer to be left alone to work and at their own pace. They do not like to be hampered or restrained by other people’s presence or to be slowed down by other people. Impatiens like their freedom to move ahead and get on with their job, so they find interruptions irritating. Impatiens people are quick in thought and deed and lose all their patience with those who do not react as quickly as they do. This remedy can help encourage a calmer attitude so as to reduce the stress that has caused because of the rushing around. 

Empowering Affirmations

I have all the time I need.

I have patience and understanding.

 Bach Remedies for Animals

In animals the Impatiens indication would largely be behavioural, cats that always rush and dogs that cannot wait to be taken out for a walk. Animals needing Impatiens  may always run  ahead. These animals may find it very difficult to wait, they may want the activity to start immediately.