Suchitra Hari conducts UK Bach Centre approved Level 1 Training through physical classroom experience to provide a fulfilling experience of understanding, choosing and utilising the Bach flower remedies. The physical training classes are conducted over 2 days, usually on weekends and require the participants to be engaged for a full day. The physical course is structured specifically to focus on collaboration amongst the group members and achieve a deeper understanding of the Bach system. These training classes are conducted in various cities and are available throughout India to everyone.


Training Outline

  • Understanding of the 38 bach flower remedies and their indications.
  • Understanding the application of the remedies to common everyday situations.
  • Learning to select remedies to manage emotional needs.
  • Understanding Dr Bach’s approach and philosophy.
  • Acquiring the knowledge and skills to select and mix remedy bottle
  • Learning to use remedies for animals.


  • Engage, Exchange and learn through the conventional training method.
  • Acquire knowledge on basics and philosophy of Bach flower remedies through dedicated time and days.
  • In-depth and structured to give you confidence in the area of Bach flower remedies.
  • Interact with other participants to broaden your knowledge about issues faced.
  • Become empowered to manage emotions through Bach flower remedies.
  • Implement the remedies for self and family through greater understanding.
  • Creates a strong foundation in the direction of becoming a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP).
  • International certification from The Bach Centre, UK.
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COVID UPDATE : For the year 2020, all the physical classes have been converted to online training sessions. Please contact now for more details.
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