Level 1 of the course covers

Level 1 of the course covers the foundational aspects of Bach Flower Remedies.

It includes:
1) Basic Concepts: Introducing fundamental concepts such as simplicity, personal selection, and the seven groups of remedies. These concepts are essential for understanding the philosophy and practice of Bach

2) Flower Remedies: Indications for Each Remedy: Understanding the indications or uses for each remedy. This involves learning about the emotional states and situations that each remedy is designed to address.

3) Dr. Bach’s Philosophy: Exploring the philosophy behind Bach Flower Remedies as developed by Dr. Edward Bach.
Development of the Remedy System: Understanding how Dr. Bach developed the remedy system, including his methods of preparation and the principles guiding his selection of remedies.

4) Skills and Confidence Building: Equipping students with the skills and confidence to use the remedies in their own lives and with family and friends.

Overall, Level 1 serves as a necessary foundation for individuals who wish to pursue further studies in Bach Flower Remedies, providing them with essential knowledge and skills to begin using the remedies effectively.