Botanical name: Scleranthus annuus

Blooms: From July to September

Physical appearance: Pale or dark green

Preparation method: Sun method

Belongs to ‘Uncertainty’ Group

Extract from The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies, by Dr. Edward Bach

Those who suffer much from being unable to decide between two things, the first one seeming right than the other. They are usually quiet people, and bear their difficulty alone, as they are not inclined to discuss it with others.

Indication:  For indecisiveness   

People who lack the ability to decide between one thing or another may require Scleranthus. If there are two possible courses of action, person needing scleranthus will vacillate between them. Their uncertainties can be as simple as to choose between buying an apple or a mango.  Lack of balance can lead them to experience mood swings, they may appear top of the world one minute and deep despair other.  The remedy helps restore balance so that they can take decisions rationally and maintain inner balance and rhythm.  

Empowering Affirmations

I know what I want.

I think clearly and decide easily.

Bach Remedies for Animals

Animals displaying unpredictable behaviour can benefit from scleranthus. Some of it could be like spending a long time moving from one place to another before finally deciding a place to sleep. You can’t be sure if they will or they will not, ready to jump one moment and refuse point blank the other moment. This  remedy can help animals be more balanced and less moody.