Suchitra Hari’s professional yet personal way of conducting consultations, training and workshops has impacted many lives in unbelievable ways. She has her dream come true through each of them benefiting by using the Bach flower remedies. Often praised for providing more than required, Suchitra is said to leave no stone unturned. Here’s what her clients have to say:

Incredible experience, related to examples and enjoyed thoroughly.

Amazing course and delighted I did it… Suchitra is generous

Practical course to work on emotions

I did not feel, I was doing this course online, it was all so interactive.

Things were taught in a simple way and very well explained

The concepts were very clear.

Feel empowered by the course.

Suchitra is excellent and a patient trainer and she makes things very simple.

Highly recommend the trainer and the course

She teaches everything with so much fun, I will miss the energy