Wild Rose


Botanical name: Rosa canina

Blooms: From June to August

Physical appearance: White, pink or deep rosy-pink

Preparation method: Boiling method

Belongs to ‘insufficient interest in present circumstances’ Group

Extract from The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies, by Dr. Edward Bach

Those who without apparently sufficient reason become resigned to all that happens, and just glide through life, take it as it is, without any effort to improve things and find some joy. They have surrendered to the struggle of life without complaint.

Indication: For those who are resigned and feel  apathy

People who accept life as it is and do not strive harder for betterment or experience fulfilment are in need of Wild Rose. If they are ill, they will make no effort to get well. They lack real interest in or lack commitment to life. Such individuals resign themselves to the way things are and never complain, rather they drift along. This remedy can wake the person to his surroundings and to his potential so that he can contribute to his own 

Empowering Affirmations

I have an active interest in life.

I do everything with enthusiasm.

Bach Remedies for Animals

Wild rose animals can be recognized by their demeanor. They tend to be submissive, allowing you to do anything to them or with them.  They lack enthusiasm and energy. They may rarely get worked up or interested in anything. This  remedy helps in reigniting r interest so that they can enjoy things to fullest.