I often receive messages asking: which Bach Flower Remedy/Remedies can I take/give for skin problems/allergies/back pain/stomach issues etc….etc….

Bach Flower Remedies are not selected based on physical conditions. No Bach Flower Practitioner should make any claims for curing physical conditions with Bach Flower Remedies. But what we as Bach Flower Practitioner can do is through conversation, help our clients identify how they are emotionally feeling about their physical condition.

For example, if a client says “I feel toxic” or “I feel contaminated” then that is an indication of Crab Apple. If they say “I feel hopeless” then it is Gorse. If they say “I feel exhausted” then it is Olive, and suppose they are shocked about their condition then it could be Star of Bethlehem …… and so on. The Remedies are dependent on what the client actually has to say about their own feelings and experience. Their emotional response/reaction will indicate the Bach Flower Remedies that they need and a bespoke mix for them will have to be created.  

Many factors that can contribute to a health issue. One primary would be who we are as individuals: how we live our life, how we manage professional and personal relationships, our feelings, cope with stress, juggle demands and so on… Whatever is going on with our health may have external contributory factors but we are also always part of that equation. Bach Flower Remedies are not a quick fix, a short cut to some sort of wellbeing.

When we work on ourselves and are coming from the best possible place within ourselves, we are less likely to be vulnerable to the health issues that derail us. In my own experience, and from the experience of clients, colleagues, and students, I am very certain that with a dedicated approach to working with the Bach Flowers Remedies, as laid down by Dr. Bach we can begin to live healthier lives.