Bullying at school can be a difficult problem to deal with. It affects not only the bully and the bullied but the parents, teachers, rest of the class, and sometimes the school. The repercussions of bullying can be far reaching.

The one who is the target – the child who is picked – bears the brunt of the bully’s threats. The bullied child needs comfort and support, but he is the one who often denies that anyone is causing trouble. He may refuse to talk to his parents because he fears that parents may create a scene in the school and he may be viewed as a weak person. He also fears the reaction his parents may give, if he confessed his issues. Hence when there is a change in behaviour, the parents must look out for the reasons for change.

There are many reasons why the child may keep things to himself, and dealing with the child suffering from bullying will need lot of patience. And sometimes the child may open more easily to a person he is not answerable.

Some of the behaviours that could help identify behavioural changes.

The child is pre-occupied

Reluctant to go to school

Frequent headaches and stomach aches

Change in friendship

Trouble in sleep

Intense Emotional reaction

Not wanting to interact with family

Torn clothing and physical marks

Bach Remedies can certainly help, but it is very important to establish how the individual child reacts in order to create an appropriate remedy mix for the child.