Body Image is a prime concern throughout life, and it is not only related to what we actually look like, but more importantly, what we want to look like and what we think we look like.  We compare ourselves with others and crave to look like someone else.

How we look at ourselves is important at any age. Very few people are satisfied with the way they are- some may feel facial features are not as attractive, while some find the shape of their legs and hips are not adequate or perfect, some have issue with the hair texture, and some have issue with their complexion.

In an attempt to improve looks and after being obsessive about their physical appearance, people can go extraordinary lengths. Embark on serious dieting or rigorous exercise regime. Sometimes not seeing results they may frequently change both- diet as well as physical regime. These behaviour patterns can harm physical body to large extent.

The frequent emotions of self-dislike can create great amount of doubt and uncertainty about one’s worthiness and result in poor self-image. Poor self-image can trigger many emotions – lack of confidence, inferiority complex, self-hatred, doubt, self-sacrifice, eating – disorder.

It is important to see what the underlying emotions are, and accordingly use Bach Flower Remedies to bring balance to the way we perceive our own worth.