One of the easiest way to know if you are overweight is to pinch yourself just above the navel and see if how much fat you can hold. And if you think you are overweight that from Bach flower perspective it will be good to know how did you respond to this realisation.  

One thing is for sure you should not panic, engage in drastic weight loss or starvation programs. What you can opt is to lose small amounts of weight, by making lifestyle changes which are consistent. Rather than following an all –or nothing diet look to make small but lasting changes in food you eat. Substituting unhealthy with healthier option, and at the same time take out some time for exercise.

Successful weight control should be as smooth as good driving. A slight adjustment on the steering and a light touch on the brake are all needed. Bach Flowers that might help you in the driver seat could be:

Impatiens: If you are tempted to crash diets for need for immediate results.

Cerato: If you ask everyone about your weight issues, but do not trust your own opinion.

Chestnut Bud: If you repeatedly try to diet and repeatedly fail, and usually it is for the same reasons.

Hornbeam: If you lack the energy and resolve to start a diet, and the whole idea of diet seems to fatigue you.

Gentian: If you suffer a setback in your diet and feel inclined to throw the towel.

Crab Apple: If you abhorrence of food, and feeling that it is dirty and will contaminate the system.

Mimulus: Fear of food.

People who go in for comfort or worried eating may also use the help of Bach Flowers as a gentle way of finding respite. The Remedies will be selected depending on the nature of the feelings going on.