Concentration difficulties can occur for a number of reasons. For most, they tend to be intermittent occurrences that pass quickly and for some it may take time to settle their concertation problems. Factors like age, stress levels, genetics and diet can play can play a big role in concentration. Concentration can also be disturbed due to other symptoms like sleep deprivation, tiredness and anxiety.

There are a number of ways you can work on your concentration problems. Following 6 could be helpful tips.

Acknowledge the anxiety

Anxiety of any sort can deplete the ability to focus and concentrate. Take some time to consider what exactly is bothering you, express it form of journaling, or any creative expression that suits your temperament. Once you have identified what is bothering, take some baby steps and make some positive small steps to get rid of your anxiety. You could also consider use of Bach flower remedies to address anxiety issues more specifically.

Pause, and then restart

It may sound off, but if you’re trying to concentrate on something and you are unable to, pause the activity for some time. Let your mind wander, take walk in the open, and then again restart. If it wonders again then just stop, but do acknowledge where did your thoughts go, and see what is your sub conscious mind trying to tell you.


Consider the external environment

Sometimes the place where you are trying to concentrate, could be the very reason for your distraction. So, check if your concentration poor because of that? So, check if you are unable to concentrate due to noise, or temperature of the room for example. If you are constantly being distracted from what you need to be doing because of external factors, then is there any way of improving the external environment, so that concentration can improve. A more conducive environment can certainly improve your concentration.

Avoid stimulants

You may find that caffeine or nicotine improve your ability to concentrate, but such effects are temporary. Avoid these quick fixes if you possibly can, and switch instead to snacks such as dried fruit and nuts that are slower burning and therefore give you energy for longer. Also, never skip breakfast, instead combine carbs with protein to stabilise your blood sugar and make sure you drink plenty of water during the day.


Get organised

The single biggest help to your concentration problems will be to organise yourself. Set aside a few minutes each morning to create a to do list and keep it with you. Write some post-its and stick them where you will see them so that you know what you should be achieving. Prioritise your tasks, and save anything that’s easy for when you know your concentration is at its worst.

Address your triggers using Bach flower remedies

Some of the following issues can be worked through effectively using Bach flower remedies (Disclaimer: please note one must make a personal blend after consulting a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner)

Absentmindedness – If sometimes you seem absent and you don’t notice the things that are going on around you Clematis can help address this issue.

Indecisive – You start something quickly, but never finish it because something else has caught your attention, and then you find yourself doing that activity. Scleranthus will come handy to initiate decisiveness.

Tired and exhausted– At some time you can be completely exhausted, and because of that you don’t feel like doing anything. Olive can revitalize and re-energise.

Repeated mental chatter- Your mind has this mental chatter going on as a gramophone record that is playing in a loop, White Chestnut could be your go to remedy at this time.