My questions were answered,

My struggle came to an end,
My thoughts were streamlined,
My thirst for learning increased,
My inner strength is awakened.

Why did I not consider this course before?  This was my feeling after I finished Level 1 course of Bach Flower Remedies with Suchitra Hari.  

My earlier avatar

I have always been a practical and sensible woman. I would take decisions based on practical outlook, but sometimes practical decisions can leave you with anger, frustration and irritation. I always thought that all these feelings are common and anyone who would go through them – such is the way of life.

I made a deliberate choice of quitting my lucrative corporate job to take up the role of homemaker to look after my children. I wanted to enjoy the growing up years of my children. While the wish of being around my children was being fulfilled, there was a need to feel more contented, a need to recreate my own identity back again. The break in career did create some hidden fears and hesitation to start something new in my life. Not having a clarity of what was stopping me or what I was looking forward to, started to make me feel more insecure. As the time passed, the pile of confusion, irritation, stress increased. Nutshell I was dissatisfied and directionless with life.

The turnaround with Bach Remedies

At this stage of life, when I was struggling and juggling with my thoughts, my encounter with Bach Flower System felt like a fresh floral breeze of the dawn. I came across the Bach Level 1 course online, maybe was guided by my intuition, I decided to join and see what it was all about. Still not sure if it was an answer to my questions, or a solution to my emotional struggle, I had decided to join, so went ahead with the workshop irrespective. The course started, and there has been no looking back after day one of the Bach Level 1 course.  As the course unfolded, I became aware of my feelings, feelings which were disturbing, and here I was sitting with a solution to get over them.  I started to feel the strength within me.  The learning helped me untangle myself from the worrisome thoughts and feelings. I fell in love with this simple, gentle effective process of healing.

As the learnings progressed, I was more aware about my feelings, was easily able to identify my problem areas and difficult emotions that needed to be addressed. Slowly over few months I was able to assimilate the process of healing. Slowly and steadily, I developed my own understanding. After consuming Bach flower remedies, I experienced transformations like never before. My own journey opened my eyes on how simple emotions need to be balanced for my own wellbeing. With my emotions being healed, I could see my communication becoming more effective, I had better decision making, and above all I had a de-cluttered mind. And all this from a natural and safe healing system.

Plunging further

The ride with Bach Flower Remedies was so pleasing and light, that I never wanted to stop learning. The journey with flowers had made me embrace life in a new form. The gradual next step was to take a deep dive and broaden my spectrum and knowledge of Bach Flower Remedies. I enrolled for DLP 2 course on Bach Remedies approved by Bach Centre, UK. This course further helped me advance my baby steps and gave larger wings to my thoughts. The course helped me to acquire deeper understanding of the remedies and their simple magic that turns everything beautiful around you.

The fire in me is ignited, the change in me is evident, and the desire to reach people and help them resolve their feelings is becoming stronger day by day. I am confident person who is at peace with its surroundings. The learning and the healing have helped me to step out of my comfort zone and feel the insane rush of freedom and expression. The pleasant feeling and positive outlook have not only changed me, but also reflected in the family. My new skills and energy are visible and now transferable inside out. Being available for friends and family in their difficult times with the help of remedies has given me a sense of satisfaction. There’s a change in my toddler’s behaviour, my mom’s sleep, my friend’s stress to just name a few.

The journey ahead

This journey has been beautiful so far and I am only expecting more beauty lying ahead. The new ‘me’ is simple and not complicated. The level of acceptance and learning has increased tremendously and has opened doors of opportunities. I am looking forward for brighter future, acquire greater acquaintances and make memorable moments throughout. I wish to continue this journey and reach out to people in distress, bring more joy in the simplest of things by connecting to the nature’s gift to the mankind. My humble respects to Dr. Edward Bach for creating the phenomenal healing system.

Neelima is MA in Mass Communications. She has completed 2 levels of education from Bach Centre, UK and is currently also pursuing her certification program in Art Therapy.