This was not planned, just happened by coincidence, that a fortnight back I wrote a blog RRR (Reflect, Reset, Restart) and when I was planning to pen down my thoughts on basic steps one should follow for using Bach Flower Remedies, the NAATU NAATU title seemed just apt. This is definitely a catchy song from the film RRR and has been playing in my mind non-stop since it won the Golden Globe Awards. Timing of all the coincidences prompted me to coin “NAATU ” as the keyword to remember the process of taking Bach Flower Remedies. So here it goes….


Negative Feelings And Emotions

Negative feelings have a huge impact in our lives. If we have a negative feeling and we don’t know how to deal with it, it can make us feel stressed, depressed and anxious. When this happens regularly, it can affect our relationships and our health. These negative feelings and emotions can be a huge obstacle in our ability to think and behave rationally. They can make us see situations in a skewed way and prompt us to react on impulse or make decisions that we regret later. It’s easy to fall into the trap of reacting negatively to situations because it feels like an automatic response. It is important to recognise when our negative emotions and moods are influencing our thoughts and behaviour, and take steps to change how we feel.

Awareness Of Our Emotional Reactions

We’ve got to be aware of how our emotions are affecting us by what’s going on. It’s not always easy, but it’s important. Sometimes we may think that it’s best to just ignore these feelings and keep going on about our lives, but if we really want to fix our problem, then it’s important to be aware of our emotional reaction in situations which don’t feel comfortable.

We need to be aware of our reactions when situations crop up. Let’s take an example – assume when someone shouts at us- what is our reaction – is it blood boiling in anger or is it that let me run away and hide. Is it a heart sink bitten by betrayal or is it – lets laugh at it and forget about it. Is it lets punch on the face and make the person follow or just curl up as ball and wait to die. – It’s important to be aware of how we feel and what our reactions are when something is not going fine. Because if we are not aware about our reactions we’ll just keep going round and round in circles, not making any progress towards fixing the issue.

Acceptance Of Our Feelings

Feelings are just feelings.

They’re not good or bad, they just are feelings. Some feelings make us feel good and some don’t, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other!

It’s important to acknowledge our feelings and accept them for what they are. Understand what our feelings are telling us. Once we accept our feelings and realise that they’re just a feeling, it’s time to figure out why we are feeling them. For example, is it that we are feeling this because someone is quite ungrateful or is it because they just don’t care. Are we feeling this because it came as a shock or is it because we don’t feel capable. It’s important to understand what our feelings are telling us so that we can figure out the next step.

Take Notes

Writing down our thoughts and feelings is a great way to get them out of our heads and onto paper. When we write, it helps us think more clearly about what’s going on. If we write down our thoughts and feelings, we can look back at them later to see how we felt about something in the past. The act of writing can help us remember what happened during a situation or incident and help us reflect on our feelings later. This is especially helpful if we’re dealing with something that knocks off emotionally very often.

Use Bach Flower Remedies

Use Bach Flower Remedies to get over emotional issues that trouble us and uplift our mind to a positive state. We can choose 6 – 7 Bach Flower Remedies that resonate with us and how we feel. Continue the remedies till the feelings are gone.

Next time negative feelings strike, just follow NAATU. Good luck!

(Disclaimer: It is advised that one must make a personal blend after consulting a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner))