The competitive world of school is punctuated by the even more intense competition of examinations. At first exams might seem unimportant to most, but as they start getting older, exam results have more direct impact, not just on prestige and self- image but on earning potential and future survival. Which University will take you will depend on the few hours of exam room performance. 

Exams may be for few hours, but preparation has to start well before.

Planning for regular studies, to revision, to actually reproducing the knowledge in the answering sheet in the specified time, all of this need to managed to ease exam stress at the end.

Some of the issues which children may face during all these stages could be

  • Not able to grasp
  • Not attentive in class and restless
  • Tend to skip words in between
  • Bored of studies
  • Tense and anxious before exams
  •  Not motivated before exams
  • Has issues in reproducing what has been learned
  • Becoming blank before exams

Sometimes when kids are compared with siblings or peers that may also create a lot of pressure for them. They may actually start to feel unloved and humiliated and neglect studies.

Bach Remedies can help, but te key will be to indentify the specific issue that is bothering your child.