Dr. Edward Bach Combined 5 specific remedies from the 38 remedies to formulate the emergency composite, this composite is called Crisis Mix or Five Flower Remedy or very popularly known as Rescue Remedy. This is the best known remedy and a unique combination in Dr. Bach’s remedy system. 

Dr. Bach always taught his colleagues and students to not use any premixed or ready mixed remedy mixes. He always wanted to work on individuals according to their personality and emotional states and make personalised blends for the individual. Nevertheless he was aware that there could be emergencies, when one may not have time to prepare personalised mixes, and taking Bach flower remedies at times of emergency could be useful and emotionally ease the person. 

Dr. Bach used Rescue Remedy on several occasions and always carried a bottle in his pocket. Once, in 1930, when he was living in Cromer, a lifeboat rescued a fisherman who had been strapped in a storm for hours. When he was rescued and brought to the shore, many thought he would die, as he had become cold. At that time, Dr. Bach moistened the fisherman’s lips with Rescue Remedy and within a few minutes the fisherman got up and was talking to his rescuers.

One may start to feel emotional ease within minutes of taking Rescue Remedy. And being in emotional ease is one of the best first aids one can have for any medical treatment. (Please note, Rescue Remedy cannot replace any medical treatment).

Rescue remedy works for everyone, can be taken by anyone, at any age group. However one should keep following in mind when taking Rescue Remedy.

Rescue Remedy does not replace regular Bach Flower Therapy.

Rescue Remedy is helpful during emergency situations and is not for regular use.

For prolonged issues one must consider use of personalised bach flower remedy mixes.