Simple yet profound – this quite encapsulates what Bach Flower Remedies mean to me.

My run-in with this wonderful healing remedy happened, I believe, due to some serendipitous cosmic plan. I came in touch with Suchitra Hari who opened the doors of this remarkable healing system for me. Her knowledge and guidance paved the path that I intend to walk on forever.  

Having encountered the amazing work of Dr. Edward Bach, what got my immediate attention was the simplicity of it. As humans, we share an erroneous belief that the more complicated anything is, the more efficacious it is. A simple example from our kitchens; more the ingredients in a dish, more the taste. Often, we find this to be untrue.

The Bach Flower Remedies, to my utter surprise, are also 100% natural. As a firm believer in ‘He made all things good’ – it is a ‘going back to the roots’ kind of realisation that mother nature has all the answers we seek. These remedies are absolutely safe for infants, elders, pets and plants was an absolute revelation. I mean, what other healing remedy declares this with such confidence?

That Bach remedies cost so little is another wonderful fact that opens up the world for anyone and everyone to gain from this practice. Besides the initial investment of purchasing the 38 remedies and the dispensing bottles, there is little else to worry about with respect to the finances. My little Bach kit is my prized possession and a ‘go to’ with little worry about replenishing it when needed. Anyone who works at mastering Bach Flower Remedies, and is interested in it, has no need to keep huge amounts aside to procure them. Compare these to other remedies and we see just how easy it is for all economic groups.

Understanding that Bach remedies work on emotions and not the physical was another astounding fact. Having studied psychology and as a counsellor for over 20 years, I am convinced of the role emotions play in a person’s well-being. Now, with Bach Flower Remedies, focusing on the present emotion and working with the person, successfully peeling off layer by layer as the emotions reveal themselves is such a deep process. I would not hesitate to say, when I administer the remedies to myself, I see a marked change in my health and heart in ways unimagined.  

A ‘no one size fits all’ is another rather interesting aspect of the Bach remedies. The fact that it’s not about popping a ‘paracetamol for fever’ approach without knowing the cause of the fever is such a powerful truth. To be able to decipher the correct emotion at play and then propose a remedy mix is also personal and specific.  As someone who previously turned to allopathic medicines for all ailments, however small, the fact that there could be other remedies which more specifically work on emotional wellbeing, distinct to each person, was such a great learning.

A final reason I like the Bach remedies is because there is always someone who has never heard of it and I get a chance to share my knowledge and put my convincing skills to good use to ask them to give it a try. Each time I speak, I only end up being even more entrenched in my belief that the Bach remedies indeed are God’s gift to us. And like every gift, when we give or receive, it is pure joy.

As Robert L Stevenson said: Find out where joy resides and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all.

Guest blogger: Maria Coelho is a resident of Mumbai, mother of 2 teens and also a pet parent. Professionally she heads the L&D for a global company and as a passion, she is a writer. One of her life goals is to empower people to become excellent versions of themselves and Bach Flower Remedies aid her very well in this journey.