Bach Flower Remedy Cerato helps us to tune in to our inner voice. Sometimes we are able to make decisions easily, but once we have made the decision, we start to doubt, if we made the correct choice. A sense of uncertainity starts creeping in our minds, and makes us feel that we have made a wrong choice. And at this moment we feel compelled to seek advice from others, and we believe others have better opinion than us.

When we are in negative Cerato state we are not aware that, in fact, we know a great deal, if only we listen to our inner self. Taking Cerato can help us have more faith in our judgment so that we can listen to our inner voice and trust our own intuition.

Following 3 behaviour examples can help identify someone who may benefit from Cerato  

Imitating stronger personalities

Since guidance of inner self is missing, people in negative Cerato state may imitate stronger personalities. These people can easily wear the personality of others. Example: A child in school may pick phares or mannerisms of a more influential personality, ignoring his own personal choice. He may like to talk and behave like the stronger personality. Bach flower Cerato may help this young child believe in his own style so that he does not have to prop himself up by doing what others do. Using Cerato will help him be more independent and confident about his own mannerisms, and help him create his own identity.

Second guess your decision

Individuals who second guess their decision, or do not trust themselves or their judgement may immensely benefit from Cerato. Example You have decided to pursue a course, which you have selected after many deliberations and after being fully satisfied about it. But then you start distrusting your decision to pursue the course. You feel the need to call all your friends and ask them what they think about you pursuing the course, in a hope that someone will make up your mind for you. You find yourself taking advice of others or taking opinions that go against your own decision of pursuing the course. This sort of self-doubt can be cleared with the help of Cerato. 

Constantly asking questions

Individuals needing Cerato can get on to your nerves by their constant questions concerning even minor issues. Some of the questions that they may ask- What would you do if you were in my position? What would you choose, if you were me? What do you think I should do? What is your opinion on this? Can you help me decide? I know what I should do, but can you help me decide? These are some typical questions which a person needing Cerato may ask. They may gather more and more answers creating more confusion for themselves instead of trusting their own decision or intuition. Taking Bach flower remedy Cerato can help person achieve certainty in their own decision and build trust in their own intuition.

So next time you spot yourself doing any of the above consider mixing Cerato in your personal mix.