I realise, I aspire to do many things and engage in many activities that excite me, but some are outside my comfort zone, or should say outside my own barrier zone. Some of these barriers provide a feeling of safety, so why rock the boat when things are going smooth. However, I know that the same barriers keep me in a place of stagnation – one that keeps me from exploring progress opportunities, and growing as a person.

I know that life can be full of excitement every time I aspire, if I decide to step outside the comfort zone every time, I hit my own barrier. I need to continually push myself to explore the unfamiliar, whether it means reaching out to new professional contacts, starting a passion project, or simply taking a small risk that could push me towards my aspirations.  

I have created this 5-point checklist that I just follow every time I want to do something that needs me to move of my comfort zone.

Acknowledge I am stagnating

I know I am stagnating, when I am not doing anything new, what I am doing is more or less something that I have been doing for a while. Deep inside, I know that the next level of responsibility requires me to upgrade, may be add a new skill or activity, be uncomfortable, maybe embrace uncertainty all over again, all of which I am want to avoid. Totally avoid!! 

When I see myself avoiding things rather than being excited about it, I know I am stagnating and not moving. It is time to upgrade and step out my comfort zone.

Update my journal of aspiration

I have a journal where I keep adding to the list of things I aspire to do, I visit this journal every now and then, for sure once a month. Tick of things that have been done and add new list of what I want to do more. This is fairly a big dump!!! It has all and sundry that I want to do, I update this journal judgment free and with a freehearted spirit.

This journal has four sections – health, wealth, relationship and learning. I put whatever comes to my mind here and just keep adding to my wish list of to do in each section. This journal helps me keep a tab of all that I want to do in the above areas and also helps be appreciate and have gratitude for what all I have achieved.

Pick my current goal

Identifying goal and then setting a target to the goal, plays an important role in letting me step out of my comfort zone. It gives me an opportunity to assess my life and define the direction in which I want to go. This also helps me focus on my abilities and my limitations, in attaining my desired goal. Then I break the goal with specific and measurable tasks, which are clearly articulated.

Settle my uncomfortable feelings with Bach remedies

Moving out of comfort zone is rarely smooth. When I hit stumbling blocks, many feeling come up – lack of being motivated, lack of appreciation, lack of feeling supported, fear of failure, fear of rejection… and so many more…. Over a decade I have been using the help of Bach remedies to settle my feelings to move forward. Some of the remedies that I have used at various times. (Disclaimer: please note one must make a personal blend after consulting a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner)

  • Wild oat when I am unable to see my goal clearly
  • Walnut when I am unable to break from old links to embrace new plans
  • Mimulus for the fear of making the change
  • Elm when I feel exhausted with growing responsibilities
  • Cerato when I need reassurance of others and lack confidence in my own judgement about the project
  • Aspen for the undue feeling of apprehension
  • Chicory when I feel hurt for not being recognised/ acknowledged by others
  • Hornbeam when I procrastinate and put things to another day
  • Scleranthus when I have feelings like shall I, shan’t I
  • Gentian for small disappointments  
Settle my uncomfortable feelings with Bach remedies

Track progress and celebrate small achievements

A huge incentive to make the finish line comes by seeing how far I have come already. Throughout my process of stepping out of comfort zone I make sure to keep my self-motivated by tracking my progress and celebrating every small achievement.