We usually embrace our child’s behaviour with warm heart, but then there are moments when they drive us crazy. Occasional outbursts are normal, especially when they are trying to settle to new places or new experiences, but if they are unable to manage their temper then you may want to manage their overall temper using the following 5 tips.

Set rules of the house

Children will not know the rules of the house until we teach them and make them aware of what is expected out of them. Child’s mind is always curious and they may not be mature to understand appropriate behaviour, or expected behaviour. As parents and teachers, we will be expected to tell them what is expected out of them, instead of assuming that they know what is considered as inappropriate or aggressive behaviour.

When you tell them what is expected out of them, they are made aware of what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. Even after you tell them they may break the rule and at that time you may want to remain calm, yet firm about appropriate behaviour.

Provide healthy way of expressing

While you are teaching your child manage his temper, it may be good idea provide them with healthy way of expressing. The child may feel the need to express the anger and frustration he may be going through. Give him an outlet to express. Example you can have a mood board put in his room wall, every time he feels he is angry encourage him to draw on that board or pick a sticker and paste it on the mood board, take out time to discuss what made him feel this way and give him a chance to be heard. Sometime children may need a physical release, give them a dedicated pillow that they could hit to release the anger. This will allow him to express.

Praise for appropriate behaviour

Praise when you see appropriate behaviour shown by your child. Praise nurtures child’s confidence and sense of self. When you are praising your child, you are also helping your child learn about appropriate behaviour, helping them recognise when they do things well and make them feel proud of themselves.

Watch your own behaviour

Always watch your own temper around your child. One of the best ways to teach him appropriate behaviour is to control your own temper and behaviour. If you express your anger in quiet, peaceful ways, your child probably will follow your example.

Use Bach Flower Remedies to settle them

Growing up needs coping with many things, and child may get annoyed with his inability to do something and may result in a temper. Impatiens may help them when they get impatient, as things are not happenings as quickly as they want and that is tripping them off. Beech may help when he becomes intolerant towards others. Chicory may help children who throw tantrums in a selfish manner. Cherry Plum may help tantrums that go out of control. Holly will be useful when they show spiteful behaviour towards friends and siblings.

(Disclaimer: please note one must make a personal blend after consulting a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner)