Commitment is a broad term and is generally used when you are dedicating yourself to something for a long time, whether it’s a job, a goal, a city, or a relationship. This word tends to come up most often in the context of long-term relationships. Some signs that can help you understand if you have commitment phobia

Abruptly end relationships

Fear of getting in wrong relationship

Avoid labels like girlfriend or boyfriend

Have trust issues for one reason or other

Hesitant to open up emotionally

Avoid talking about future plans

People around you may say that you behave in a manner like you do only because you don’t want to be in relationships at all, which may not be always true.

If you have commitment phobia and will like to get rid of the emotions associated with it, you may want to consider the following remedies individually or in combination.

(Disclaimer: please note the below are suggestive remedies. One must make a personal blend after consulting a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner)

Wild Oat when you are confused if you want to be in a relationship at all. Wild Oat will help you take this long-term decision.

Larch when there is fear of failure which does not allow you to make an effort to make a relationship.        

Mimulus or/ and Aspen when there is fear of the future of the relationship. Mimulus can help address the known fears and aspen the unknown fears.

Walnut when the adjusting to new life and change can be one of the primary reasons to avoid the relationship. Walnut can ease and help the person in breaking from the pattern and embracing the new life.

Gentian or/and Gorse if after a breakup you feel you can’t plunge into a new relationship or give another try to relationship. Gentian when the discouragement creates doubt and pessimism about any future relationship, and Gorse when you say “what’s the use of relationship?”

Scleranthus when you feel the need to get very close to the person and sometimes wish to alienate that person. You behavior jumps like a grasshopper.

Beech when you have high ideals for potential partners and somehow you are not finding the right mix of all qualities that you partner should have.

Vine when there is stubbornness to seek potential partners that are out of reach, for instance, people who are already in a relationship.

Water violet when you find it difficult to approach people. It is difficult for you to become friendly with others. You are not sure what conversation you could have with someone.

Holly when you feel suspicious about the person and feeling of jealousy does not allow to have relationships.

Some space and sometime to reflect on your issues for avoiding a commitment can help you deal with the issue more effectively.