Children leaving the house for further studies or better career prospects or moving in alone is common part of life.  But this doesn’t mean that it’s easy for parents to deal with it. Full-time parents are particularly vulnerable to empty nest syndrome as they have spent so much of their lives caring for them, meeting their needs, and helping them with their day-to-day tasks. Attending to children and their needs is major part of their lives and the change may make the parent feel as if their sense of purpose in life is disappearing. They now need to adjust and create a new routine, which can make them feel helplessness, confused, sad and so many more things.

Many parents resort to pursuing their hobbies, start connecting more often with friends, plan vacations, start their work pursuits, and keep themselves occupied. However, being occupied need not mean that parents are not feeling the emptiness. During these times some of the following Bach flower remedies can help parents settle emotionally and calm the feeling of deep void which they may be going through. 

Walnut can help adjust to the new normal and help the parent transition to the new routine.

Star of Bethlehem if moving out of house was a sudden announcement and you were shocked to hear the news.  

Red Chestnut can help if they you are constantly worrying about how they are coping alone and are always worried for their welfare.

Honeysuckle if you are missing them and that is not allowing you to enjoy your life or their memories are not allowing you to move forward.

Hornbeam if you find yourself staying in bed longer than usual, so much so that you are reluctant to start the day.

Mustard if there are low moods for no apparent reason.

Chicory is you find yourself clinging on to your parental responsibilities and busily trying to still organize your children’s lives.

Wild Oat if you were wishing to get new direction in life and purpose of life but not sure what that purpose that you are looking for.

(Disclaimer: please note the above are suggestive remedies. One must make a personal blend after consulting a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner)