Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs, but it can also be one of the most difficult jobs. Many new parents worry that they don’t know what to do. It is normal to have strong emotions during pregnancy and post the baby is born. Parents may experience joy, love, delight and surprise, and at the same time they may encounter many anxiety arousing events which could lead them to have stress, anger and frustration.

For most women it is a difficult time when they discover their work as parent does not allow a lot of extra time to see friends and sometimes, they feel lonely and isolated. Parents may expect far more help from others than they actually get. Some of these feelings may need to be balanced and new parents may benefit from Bach remedies.

Some of the following remedies can be helpful.

Cerato can help when you start doubting yourself, and this insecurity can lead you to asking advise from everyone and everywhere.

Olive can help ease the physical and emotional exhaustion and curb the feeling of ‘feeling drained’.   

Red Chestnut can help when you feel fearful about the child or the partner. Where there is tendency to blow fear irrationally for others. This remedy can provide a feeling of calm over irrational worry.  

Walnut can help adjust to many changes and to protect from strong opinions of others, so that one can listen to the inner voice.

Elm can help when the task at hand feels overwhelming and you feel not able to fit in to the shoes of the task.

Willow can help ease feeling of bitterness towards others – ‘why me’ and ‘life is unfair’ feelings.

Impatiens can help when impatience takes over you and that causes irritability.

Pine can help you when you feel guilty of not taking enough care and you blame yourself for mistake, which you may or may not have made.     

(Disclaimer: please note the above are suggestive remedies. One must make a personal blend after consulting a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner)

Babies will be able to thrive better if parents remembered to look after themselves and their relationship. Make sure to do that. Bach Flowers are easy to take and completely safe and natural.

It can also be beneficial to learn Bach Centre approved courses so that parent can help their children and themselves through many milestones of parenthood that are yet to be encountered.