Dogs commonly experience separation anxiety when people living in the house leave the house. They show this anxiety by trying to prevent their departure or may be by excessively drooling or by fast pacing or by chewing stuff around or by barking. Seeing their furry babies like this is undoubtedly a very painful experience for the pet parent.

Many pet parents effectively use Bach flower remedies to prevent this separation anxiety in their pets.

Though behaviour of the dog is providing us a clue to his anxiety, it will important to keep in mind that we need to select remedies on the feelings and emotions of the dog and not be the behaviour displayed by the dog. If have spent enough time with the dog you would be able to see what feeling is driving the dog to behave in the particular way.

Mimulus when the dog is scared of something specific like fear of being left alone at home or intimidated by someone at home.  Mimulus can help dog go bravely on.

Aspen when the dog feels edgy or jumpy. They start behaving strangely when they see the parent getting ready to leave. Aspen can address this general apprehension.

Rock Rose when the dog feels terror and panic. Not all dogs may not show this big fear in dramatic way. Rock Rose can alleviate them from the freezing fear they may be in.

Larch when the dog lacks the courage to handle this new situation. This remedy when combined with mimulus can increase the overall confidence of the dog to be able to handle the situation with ease.

Honeysuckle when the dog feels homesick and is upset about the loved one leaving the house. Honeysuckle will help the dog to face the future with hope.

Star of Bethlehem when the dog needs some comforting, especially can be helpful in case they have been recovering from trauma. This remedy can relieve the shock.

Chicory when the dog is clingy and they think they own and possess you. They will come in between two people to draw attention. This remedy can help reduce the possessiveness.

Heather when they can’t let go of the attention. Some times excessive barking could be a way of seeking attention. Heather can help the animal become less self-centered.

(Disclaimer: please note the above are suggestive remedies. One must make a personal blend after consulting a BFRAP (Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner)