Diwali marks the beginning of new, and the build-up to Diwali starts with cleaning and then a decorating spree. We remove old, unused objects from our homes and then decorate it with new, start buying gifts and sweets for friends and family. We all want to celebrate this day with lots of happiness and reset our lives for the rest of the year.

We do clean our houses on regular basis but then why Diwali cleaning feels like more thorough job? Because we go through all the old things, one by one, and realize that how some things have been sitting in our homes which we really don’t want. We remove the unwanted clutter to make space for the new ones to take place.

Same way some of our old feelings may have been sitting with us in an ugly way and when we go through them one by one, we will be able to realize how it is time to let go off them and create space in the mind to embrace new experiences.

Very often we hold on to clutter of feelings, not because we want to, but because we are unable to let go of them. Self-introspection and journaling our thoughts can ease the letting go process.  So, write down what you want to let go. The list may be long, but go with what you feel is the most important for you now and one by one remove them first.

You can effectively use Bach Flower Remedies to let go of the following feelings.

Feeling guilty: Bach Flower Pine can be help when one is feeling guilty and blame themselves, even for mistakes of others. 

Deep resentment: Bach Flower Willow can be help let go feelings of resentment which do not allow individual to forgive and forget the bitterness they are holding on to.  

Sadness: Bach flower Mustard can lift the sudden gloom that descends on the person and makes the person feel down in the dumps.

Feeling of fear: Bach Flower Mimulus can help reduce the feeling of fear that can be named – specific phobias, fear of animals, fear of new situations.  

Unmotivated: Bach flower Wild Rose can uplift from state of apathy and resignation where one accepts all that the life throws at them.  

Feeling hopeless: Bach flower Gorse can help when one feels like life is hopeless and nothing could improve their situation.

Feeling exhausted: Bach flower Olive can release the feeling of fatigue, exhaustion and tiredness and uplift from the feeling of being drained.

Inability to say no: Bach flower Centaury can help person stand for self and create a healthy boundary where person can say no to stronger personalities.

Inner uncertainty:  Bach flower Cerato can release the feeling of insecurity about self and help build trust in own opinions and intuition.

(Disclaimer: please note the following are suggestive remedies, one must make a personal blend after consulting a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner)