Glossophobia is a medical term used for fear of public speaking. Individuals who suffer from glossophobia typically experience fear and anxiety when speaking in front of a group of people and, as a result, may avoid speaking in public in an effort to avoid being embarrassed or rejected by others.

Glassophobia is very common and as per certain studies it affects more than 70 percent of world’s population.

Though there is a specific name given to this phobia, unlike other phobias where fear and anxiety can be extreme when confronted with the object or condition, people suffering from glassophobia can be consumed by feeling of intense anxiety by the thought of speaking or giving presentations individually or in group.  They may feel like – what will people think, what if I stumble over the words, feeling that they will forget what to say.

This speaking anxiety may not be limited to speaking in front of large audiences – sometimes people can struggle to speak in a meeting, classroom and in small group settings. It can make it very difficult for the sufferer to communicate verbally in order to express their ideas and thoughts. As a result, may hamper their ability to progress in academics, social or career opportunities.

Bach Remedies do not work on physical aspects that may be associated with this condition but can help provide support for the emotional discomfort witnessed by the sufferer. 

Rock Rose: for intense feeling of nervousness, which makes the sufferer panic.

Mimulus: for fear of speaking and shyness before the talk.

White Chestnut: For the worrying thoughts that create a chatter in mind and do not allow the sufferer to concentrate.  

Agrimony: Trying to hide the stage fright behind a smile.  

Elm: For normally capable people but currently feel overwhelmed because so much rides on delivering the talk well.

Gentian: for not being able to look beyond difficulties and hindrances and to approach the talk with more optimistic mind.

Vervain: when the sufferer exerts great pressure and wants everything to be perfect.

Larch: when the sufferer feels another person is better suited to speak than he/she can.

Rescue Remedy: can be useful standby for last minute anxiety.

(Disclaimer: Bach Remedies do not work on any physical conditions associated with the phobia. The above remedies are suggestive, individual one must make a personal blend after consulting a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner))