The best-known remedy of the Bach System is a formula with five flowers put by Dr. Bach. This popular remedy is sold under various names – Crisis mix, Rescue Remedy and Five Flower Remedy.

The following 5 flowers make this popular remedy.

  1. Star of Bethlehem to relieve the person of shock and trauma.
  2. Rock Rose to relieve the person from feelings of terror and panic.
  3. Clematis to stop the person from fainting and getting far away disconnected feelings.
  4. Impatiens to stop the person from impulsive reaction.
  5. Cherry Plum for loss of self-control.

This combination is unique in Dr. Bach’s system and most widely used Bach flower Remedies. in 1930 Dr. Bach saved a fisherman’s life with this mix. Rescue Remedy has given countless people immediate, deep calm during emergencies and extreme stressful situations.

Rescue Remedy works for all, as this combination has universal effect because it addresses a transcending archetypal reaction pattern. However, Rescue Remedy is not a replacement of regular Bach flower therapy, and hence should be taken occasionally and not on a regular basis.

I have used Rescue Remedy on several occasions and usually carry in my handbag wherever I go, especially when travelling out of town. It is always there in my travel first aid kit.

Typical situations Rescue Remedy can be very useful.

  1. When you extremely disturbed after a family fight.
  2. Facing an extremely difficult situation – public speech.
  3. Extreme stress and panic situation (accident, collapse)
  4. After receiving a very disappointing news.
  5. Under great pressure.

Dosage for Rescue Remedy: Four drops in a glass of water, sipped at intervals, or for drops directly on tongue. One can repeat as may be required.